To All Our Patients…

Hello everyone! In accordance with Governor DeWine’s plans for opening the state, are office has safely reopened and we are excited to see you!

However, the Covid-19 pandemic will not be over until there is a vaccine. Until then, in order for everyone to be safe, we need to proceed with dental visits in some different ways. While we have always strictly followed all recommended sterilization and infection control guidelines by the CDC and the Ohio State Dental Board, there will be some additional procedures we will also be doing. Some you will notice and others will be done when you are not in the office.

We want to share these with you:

  1. When you are making an appointment and when we call to confirm your appointment, we will be asking you some questions about your current health, if you have traveled recently, if you have been tested for Covid-19, etc.
  2. If you are a new patient, please use the online information and health questionnaires available on our website and email those to us in advance of your first appointment.
  3. In order to maintain social distancing, we need to keep patients from coming too close to one another. To facilitate that, we will not be using our reception room for patients to wait for their appointment at this time. When you arrive in our parking lot, we ask that you please text us at 330-650-0360 from your vehicle to let us know you have arrived. Please wait in your vehicle for us to call or text you when we are ready for you to enter our office. If we have not had the opportunity to ask you the questions mentioned above, we can do that while you are in your vehicle.
  4. Please use the hand sanitizer and wipes provided in order to open our front doors and dispose of the wipe in the waste receptacle just inside the doors.
  5. We hope you are wearing a mask when you are out in public and we request that you continue to wear it as you enter our office. If you do not have one, we will give you one to wear during the times in our office that you are not actually having dental treatment.
  6. We will take your temperature. (We take our temperatures too!) If you are running a high temperature, we will reschedule your appointment.
  7. After we have escorted you into one of our treatment rooms, we will ask you to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash before your procedure.
  8. You, of course are familiar with our clinical staff wearing masks and gloves during your dental treatment. You will now also see ALL our personnel wearing masks.
  9. Please notice the blue line on the floor in front of the front desk area. Please stand behind it when you are being helped by our front office personnel.
  10. In addition to our treatment rooms, which we always carefully disinfected before each and every patient, we will also be frequently cleaning other areas of the office that patients might touch…..door knobs and handles, countertops, restrooms, etc.

We value your health and safety and we will be doing all these things and more in order to help keep you safe. This Covid-19 pandemic won’t last forever. We look forward to having more “normal” visits in the future. When that time arrives, our reception area will be just as comfortable as always!! We look forward to seeing you soon.

God Bless.
Doctors Hoover and Yanda

Care the whole family will love!

Every family desires a personal touch in dental care and our goal is to provide personalized, attentive service designed to meet your needs. Keeping your mouth pain-free, fully functional and attractive requires attention from you and help from us. We provide you and your family with help in preventing many dental problems before they cause you real discomfort.

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What our Patients are Saying About our Doctors

  • I have never had such an excellent experience with a dentist and staff. Dr. Hoover, the way you took time to learn my medical history during the exam meant so much to me. The person who took all the x-rays was so caring and gentle, making it as comfortable as possible. I am just so happy to have you as my dentist!
  • I appreciate the staff at Dr. Yanda's office very much. I never feel rushed. My hygienist is very thorough and compassionate towards fearful people like me!! I have referred friends to Dr. Yanda. It's hard to believe, but now when I go to the dentist, it's like I am visiting with friends.
  • Dr. Hoover is exceptional. His assistant is very kind and very perceptive to a patient's needs. I feel fortunate in choosing Dr. Hoover for my dental needs.
  • It is one thing to get great ongoing care, which we do, but quite another to get the immediate attention I did when an unexpected (complex) problem arose. As always, the care was thorough and top notch. A great local treasure!
  • Drs. Hoover and Yanda have been providing excellent and professional dental care to me for almost 30 years!