Cosmetic Dentistry

Innovations in dental technology have made a trip to the dentist an entirely new experience for millions of Americans. They have even led to a relatively new field called cosmetic dentistry.

The main goal of traditional dentistry is to keep your teeth healthy and free of disease and decay. Cosmetic dentistry takes that notion to a whole new level, as focus is placed upon enhancing the overall look of your teeth. With cosmetic dentistry, even getting a cavity filled can be an opportunity to better your smile.

There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing. We are confident we can reshape your teeth, close spaces, restore worn or short teeth or alter the length of your teeth. In this department, we offer tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, dentures and cosmetic bonding.

Whether you want to fix a chipped tooth or get a complete smile makeover, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Your goals are within reach. Visit each service’s page individually for more information on revamping your smile. For specific questions about our cosmetic procedures or to schedule an appointment, please contact Drs. Hoover and Yanda today. We enjoy serving the Hudson community!

Start Your Smile Trial

The smile is our window to the world and it headlines your first impression. So, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry for corrective procedures and aesthetic improvement. From subtle changes to major repairs, Dr. Hoover and Dr. Yanda are dedicated to your smile satisfaction.

Have you always wanted that Hollywood Smile? Are you interested in a smile makeover and want to see what your teeth would look like before you actually have it done? Well, then Smile Trial is exactly for you!

Call our office to make an appointment for a Smile Trial. You can visualize your new smile on models and more importantly, you can actually see what they look like in your mouth. We will place tooth-colored material on your existing teeth for you to picture what your new smile will look like. You have the option to wear this material home for twenty-four hours.

This is a great opportunity to see shapes, styles and shades ahead of time. “It gave me the confidence to go ahead and create a new smile for my upper front six teeth before I actually committed.” JM

Esthetic dentistry is more than modern materials. It takes an artistic eye and a delicate touch, as well as training and experience…and it can give you the smile you’ve always wanted! If you feel that you or someone you care about could benefit from our Smile Trial, please give us a call!

Care the whole family will love!

Every family desires a personal touch in dental care and our goal is to provide personalized, attentive service designed to meet your needs. Keeping your mouth pain-free, fully functional and attractive requires attention from you and help from us. We provide you and your family with help in preventing many dental problems before they cause you real discomfort.

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    What our Patients are Saying About our Doctors

    • I have never had such an excellent experience with a dentist and staff. Dr. Hoover, the way you took time to learn my medical history during the exam meant so much to me. The person who took all the x-rays was so caring and gentle, making it as comfortable as possible. I am just so happy to have you as my dentist!
    • I appreciate the staff at Dr. Yanda's office very much. I never feel rushed. My hygienist is very thorough and compassionate towards fearful people like me!! I have referred friends to Dr. Yanda. It's hard to believe, but now when I go to the dentist, it's like I am visiting with friends.
    • Dr. Hoover is exceptional. His assistant is very kind and very perceptive to a patient's needs. I feel fortunate in choosing Dr. Hoover for my dental needs.
    • It is one thing to get great ongoing care, which we do, but quite another to get the immediate attention I did when an unexpected (complex) problem arose. As always, the care was thorough and top notch. A great local treasure!
    • Drs. Hoover and Yanda have been providing excellent and professional dental care to me for almost 30 years!